Case Study 2

Case Study: Transforming Auditinflo’s Lead Generation and Online Presence

Client Overview: Auditinflo

Auditinflo is a leading provider of comprehensive audit and compliance services, specializing in internal audits, risk management, and financial audits. Prior to our collaboration, Auditinflo faced challenges in reaching their target audience, generating quality leads, and establishing a strong online presence.


  • Generate Quality Leads: Increase the number of high-quality leads without relying on LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
  • Cost-Effective Advertising: Utilize social media and search engine advertising to generate leads within a strict budget.
  • Enhance Online Presence: Develop a professional website to improve brand visibility and credibility.

Strategy and Implementation

1. Lead Generation via LinkedIn and Email Outreach

  • Targeted LinkedIn Outreach:
    • Utilized specialized techniques to reach the target audience directly via InMail.
    • Sent 100 personalized messages daily to potential leads.

Email Campaigns:

  • Developed and executed daily email campaigns, sending 100 emails per day.
  • Leveraged email automation tools to manage and track responses.
  • Focused on personalized and value-driven messaging to attract potential clients.

2. Social Media Advertising

Facebook Ads:

    • Budget: ₹300 per day for 15 days.
    • Lead Generation: 15 quality leads per day.
    • Total Leads Generated: 225 leads.
    • Cost per Click (CPC): ₹22.
    • Developed engaging ad creatives and targeted campaigns to reach the right audience.
    • Monitored and optimized ad performance regularly to ensure cost-effectiveness.

Google Ads:

    • Budget: ₹600 per day for 15 days.
    • Lead Generation: 10 quality leads per day.
    • Total Leads Generated: 150 leads.
    • Cost per Click (CPC): ₹22.
    • Conducted keyword research to target high-intent search queries.
    • Created compelling ad copy and utilized A/B testing to improve ad performance.

3. Website Development

New Website Creation:

    • Designed and developed a professional, user-friendly website for Auditinflo.
    • Included features such as service descriptions, client testimonials, and a contact form to capture leads.
    • Implemented SEO best practices to improve search engine rankings and organic traffic.


Lead Generation:

  • Delivered 20 quality leads per month through LinkedIn and email outreach without using Sales Navigator.
    • Generated a total of 225 leads from Facebook ads and 150 leads from Google ads within 15 days.
    • Achieved a low CPC of ₹22 for both Facebook and Google ads, ensuring cost-effective lead generation.