Case Study 3

Case Study: Accelerating Growth for Suntist Labs


Client: Suntist Labs

Industry: Technology & Innovation

Suntist Labs is a pioneering company in the technology and innovation sector, specializing in cutting-edge solutions and products. Before our collaboration, Suntist Labs faced challenges in generating quality leads and expanding their market reach despite having a robust product lineup and a dedicated team.


  • Increase the number of quality leads
  • Optimize lead generation without relying on LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Enhance online presence and engagement through social media advertising
  • Achieve a cost-effective lead generation strategy

Strategies Implemented

1. Linkedin Marketing

  • Approach: Leveraged innovative methods to reach the target audience directly through LinkedIn InMail.
  • Execution: Sent 100 personalized InMails daily to potential clients and partners.
  • Result: Generated 25 high-quality leads per month without using LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

2. Email Marketing

  • Approach: Crafted compelling email campaigns tailored to the needs and interests of the target audience.
  • Execution: Dispatched 100 emails every day to a curated list of prospects.
  • Result: Strengthened engagement and nurtured leads effectively, contributing to the overall lead generation success.

Results and Impact

Through our strategic efforts and precise execution, Suntist Labs experienced significant growth in their lead generation efforts:

  • Monthly Lead Generation: Delivered a consistent stream of 25 quality leads monthly through LinkedIn InMail campaigns.
  • Email Campaigns: Enhanced engagement and conversion rates through daily targeted emails.
  • Social Media Success:
    • Facebook Ads: Achieved 300 leads with a minimal budget of ₹250 per day over 15 days.
    • Google Ads: Secured 225 leads with a daily budget of ₹550 over 15 days.

ROI and Business Growth

  • Cost-Effectiveness: The campaigns were designed to be cost-effective, ensuring a high return on investment with minimal ad spend.
  • Business Growth: The influx of quality leads significantly boosted Suntist Labs’ business opportunities and potential for revenue growth.
  • Market Reach: Expanded Suntist Labs’ market reach and visibility in the technology sector.


The collaboration with Suntist Labs stands as a testament to our expertise in lead generation and digital marketing. By employing innovative strategies and precise targeting, we successfully transformed Suntist Labs’ lead generation approach, driving substantial growth and delivering measurable results. This case study underscores our commitment to helping clients achieve their business objectives through strategic and effective digital marketing solutions.